It’s been a while

     So to say this last year was busy would be an extreme understatement and I will elaborate in the future. For now I’m going to try and make this WordPress site a priority and get some content on here. If you’re visiting for the first time, Hi, my name is ben and I’m addicted to carving spoons.

    There’s a thousand things I’d like to cover in blog form and I’m by no stretch computer literate. For now I do everything from my phone so things won’t look pretty but that’s life.


                                          My set up at American Field

    Two weekends ago I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop taught by Jögge Sundqvist. My wife and I planned an 11 day vacation around an American made only pop-up market in Boston (american field) and the workshop at the lie-Nielsen headquarters. In attendance were some heavy hitters in green woodworking and spoon/bowl carving: Drew Langsner, Peter Follansbee and David Fisher just to name a few. It was an inspirational experience that I will remember for as long as my brain works. We were supposed to be working on our projects but all I could do was blab on and on about techniques and tools and wood and grasps, I am thankful for the patience of all the guys there. One thing I think is very funny is having played in a band for so long I’ve seen and met a few “famous” people and I’m never star struck the way I am around people that are experts in woodworking or craft. I guess that I have a pretty good understanding of music and performance so it’s not as awe inspiring to meet someone that does the same. But meeting someone that wrestles logs into beautiful objects is another story and there’s so much that I don’t understand that it makes it seem superhuman.



    Another tie to music is when you play a historic room or stage that greats have also played there’s mojo. A lingering feeling or energy that stays fixed to that place or person. I have had limited experience with it but it’s certainly a real thing, probably all mental but it takes over the moment and you always want it back. Well that workshop was no exception, there was mojo, but the greats were there! It would be like a brand new local band with three shows under their belt opening for the rolling stones. I was hewing some birch and Jögge Sundqvist was right there! It was just a treat to be on the same piece of earth with everyone there. That concludes my gushing for now.

    When I got home from the trip after unpacking and catching up on sleep I had so many things on my mind, Form, function, technique, tools and spoons! I was anxious to make a spoon as the whole weekend I didn’t make any. Eric Goodson gave me some rhododendron and from it I made what I think is my favorite one yet!




Next post will be for Eric explaining the dog I use on my chopping block.


7 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Hey Ben.
    That is a smokin-hot spoon, brother. Super lines, and ones that I just don’t do normally myself, so it is extra fascinating for me. And is that wood smooth or what! Like carving soap.

    • Eric, That wood is great to work with, thanks again for it! Peter and I were talking about lines and shapes and I couldn’t stop thinking about that one in particular. I have six more in birch that I’ll post after oil, all kind of the same theme.

    • Thanks Dave, you guys are inspiring me to get this blog up and running. And Chrissy and I love your spoon, can’t wait to show it off when people come over! Oh Moody’s doughnuts…….

  2. Ben, I finally stumbled on your blog. I met you at the Lie Nielsen weekend, and your spoon lines are fantastic. I don’t know how you get that lean look on them, or so smooth. I look forward to seeing more posts from you!
    Gordon Hafner

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